Monday, March 14, 2011

Globe Prepaid International Roaming Service

· Make Calls:
1. Dial *131* + country code + area code (or operator code) + called party's number + # sign.
Do not put spaces in between this number sequence. e.g. *131*6327301000#
2. Press send.
3.Wait for the confirmation message to flash on the screen. Your phone will return to the main screen. Please hang up. Then wait for the phone to ring. Once it does, answer it to get automatically connected.
4. Make sure you have at leat P80.00(on top of P500 maintaining balance) in prepaid credits to avoid getting your calls cut due to insufficient balance.

· Receive Calls!
Just press Send to receive calls. A minimum balance of 50 is needed to receive calls.

· Send Text Messages!
Use the International number format, when sending a message to someone. ("+" + country code + mobile access number + mobile no., example: +639XXXXXXXXX) You must have a minimum balance of 100 to be able to send a text message.

· Reload Prepaid Credits abroad.
Make sure you have enough globe prepaid credits in your account before leaving.
1. Dial *123* + call card number + pin + # sign. Do not put spaces in between this sequence.
2. Press send.
3. Wait for the confirmation message to flash on the screen. 
4. You will receive a message shortly afterNote: You can also reload prepaid credits straight you your phone via Autoload by logging on to

· Check Prepaid Balance.
Balance inquiry while roaming is easy and worry-free because aside from wanting you to keep connected, Globe wants you to be in complete control.
  1. Dial *122# press send
2. A confirmation message will be received stating the current balance.Note: Balance inquiry if free of charge and is available to you 8 times daily. ON the 9th try, balance update will no longer be received.

To ensure activation, a load of at least P100 is required on the time and date requested. Note that once roaming is active, Ring Back Tone (RBT), Duo, and Superduo will be deactivated and you will not be able to avail of these promos until roaming is deactivated. You will receive txt confirmation once active. roaming charges will apply once you are abroad. For inquiries, call 211.

Text GROAM ON to 2884
Once Actived: You only need to maintain a load balance of at least P50 daily to continuously enjoy your roaming service. Required minimum balance is P80 to make a call and P25 to send text. Please make sure to deactivated roaming once back in the Philippines by texting GROAM OFF. Call roaming support hotline at toll-free number 7301212 for any inquiries.

Text GROAM STATUS send to 2884 to check status
Text GROAM OFF send to 2884 for deactivation
Text GHELP to 2884 for more info


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  3. How much Globe Load do I need in order to do this?

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